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The Group's strength lies in over 70 years of experience.

The CBF family: an essential business partner

Icône expérience
Over 70 years’ experience
Icône employé
More than 450 employees
Icône familial
Family values
Icône progres connaissance
Health and Safety Recognition Program
Icône don
2% of annual profits donated to social causes

Our expertise

The five expertises
of La Famille CBF

The CBF Family’s business expertise addresses a wide range of needs, and is backed by strong teams offering comprehensive, customized solutions for our customers.

Deep foundations

To ensure the strength and durability of your constructions, the use of deep foundations is often essential. Thanks to Forage CBF and Geodex, we are able to ensure efficient load transfer to stronger materials, from design to completion, guaranteeing lasting results every step of the way.


For durable connections, welding is often the best option, with various techniques offering specific advantages. Our business unit, Soudure CBF, is made up of qualified welders trained to handle a variety of equipment, and their expertise ensures the creation of solid joints that meet the most stringent safety and performance standards.

Mechanical engineering

The mechanical industry is crucial to construction, whether it’s for the design, assembly, repair or maintenance of your equipment. One of our units, SMA Services Mécaniques Aubin, is dedicated to excellence in system optimization. We’re ready to take on the industry’s toughest challenges to help you succeed.

Health & Safety

Health and safety are top priorities in the construction industry. We recognize the importance of ensuring a safe working environment for all. In partnership with two companies specializing in OHS, we are dedicated to supporting professionals in the sector. We help establish safe worksites and promote the health of construction workers.

Real estate

Real estate is constantly evolving in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, offering unique opportunities for investment, construction and transformation of the built environment. Thanks to CBF Immobilier, which combines real estate and construction expertise, we orchestrate a complete process, from conception to sale or property management.

Your partner

Developing expertise and supporting portfolio companies to work in synergy

“As contractors specializing in deep foundations, we can set ourselves apart from our competition by offering mechanical services, specialized parts and equipment sales, industrial welding and personnel rental and OHS consulting services.”

– David Blais, President

The CBF Family